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The Ultimate Home Building Checklist (Update 7)


‎You’ll find these links throughout the checklist. They’ll increase and get better with each update 👍!

(A) = Articles on the Blog. (Coming soon to future updates 😀)            

(P) = Product

(V) = Video


2. Line items added:

  • Air Conditioning→Considerations: Multiple thermostats in one location. Outside the primary bedroom is a common location. This requires a sensor so the thermostat knows the temp. for the room it controls.
  • Air Conditioning→Central: Vents are covered and protected from construction debris (V)
  • Air Conditioning→Considerations: Consider the location of the outdoor unit. It can be noisy and not ideal near a bedroom or entertainment area.
  • Air Conditioning→Central A/C: Drain pan emergency shut off switch (P) (V)
  • Appliances: Drink Fridge
  • Attic: Cat walks to main areas of the attic (V)
  • Bathrooms → Tubs: Tub Material: Fiberglass / Acrylic / Cast iron / Porcelain / Vikrell / Ceramic (Pg. 27)
  • Bathrooms: Humidity sensor switch (P)
  • Bathrooms → Shower: Shower niche tile (typically different than shower tile)
  • Bathrooms→Sink: Sink mount: Drop in / Undermount / Apron Front / Wall Mount
  • Bathrooms→Sink Style: Pedestal / Console / Vessel / Trough
  • Bathrooms→Sink: Wall mounted sink faucet
  • Bathrooms→Sink: Bathroom sink pop-up drains (P)
  • Bathrooms→Tub: Location of tub faucet: Left / Right / Centered / Wall mount
  • Bathrooms→Tub: Ceiling / Wall mounted tub filler (P)
  • Bathrooms→Sink: Sink faucet with pull out spray (with drinking fountain) (P)
  • Ceilings: Shade pockets (hidden shades)
  • Crawlspace vents blend with veneer wall (V)
  • Doors and Windows: Window from kitchen opening to outdoor porch area
  • Doors and Windows: Soft close pocket doors
  • Electrical Wiring→Dedicated circuits: Coffee Bar
  • Exterior Walls: Exterior sheathing material: Zip / Plywood / OSB
  • Exterior Walls: Exterior sheathing thickness:  3/8“ or 1/2”
  • Exterior Walls: Exterior wrap: Traditional / Zip System (attached to plywood)
  • Exterior Wall→Considerations: Zip Tape should be rolled (V)
  • Foundation→Crawlspace→Crawlspace vent material: Plastic / Metal
  • Foundation → Crawlspace: Crawlspace automatic vents (P)
  • Framing→Pest Control: [Added it’s own section]
  • Garage: Built-in floor mat (V)
  • Garage: Separate room for lawn equipment or woodworking
  • Garage: Garage insulation (Not always standard depending on location)
  • Insulation/Drywall: Rooms with sound-damping insulation: Primary bedroom / Bathrooms / Laundry / Under stairs
  • Interior Lighting: Under shelf lighting (Floating shelf)
  • Kitchen→Sink: Sink pedal (P)
  • Kitchen→Sink: Wall mounted faucet
  • Kitchen→Countertop: Countertop protection (V)
  • Kitchen→Countertop: Thick island countertop, thinner remaining counters (V)
  • Kitchen Cabinets: Cabinet doors: Solid / Glass
  • Kitchen→Countertop: Save sink cutout (countertop) for a cutting board or removable cover on the sink. (This can dull knife if used for cutting board)
  • Laundry: Open or cabinet storage for a rolling laundry basket
  • Laundry: Built-in litter box inside cabinet (optional kitty fart fan) (V)
  • Laundry: Built-in washer and dryer (under counter)
  • Laundry: Double basin sink
  • Laundry: Dryer vent being discharged horizontally instead of vertically. *Requires nearby exterior wall
  • Laundry: Dryer vent being discharged on the side of the house instead of the roof. If roof, ensure no bug screen, it will clog
  • Laundry: Jentle Jet laundry sink (P)
  • Laundry: Wall mounted faucet
  • Low Voltage Wiring: Hardwired smoke and carbon monoxide detectors
  • Low Voltage Consideration: If a camera doorbell is installed, ensure the wiring is installed at the best viewing angle and not obstructed.
  • Low Voltage Wiring - Ventilation for network room – only for lots of equipment
  • Misc→Design→Utility room with recessed floor (emergency drainage)
  • Pantry: Pantry cabinets
  • Pantry: Pantry countertops
  • Plumbing→Misc. Plumbing: Fire sprinkler system
  • Plumbing→Gas Lines: Gas and electric installed at the stove. Some appliances use both. Also, more options when replacing stove
  • Porch: Deck drainage system to utilize area under wood deck (P) (V)
  • Poured Concrete →Concrete Pads / Walkways: Concrete walkway around the entire house
  • Roofing → Gutters: Gutter downspout style: K-style / Round
  • Roofing: Roof sheathing thickness: 1/2”, 5/8”
  • Roofing: Roof sheathing material: Zip / Plywood / OSB
  • Siding: Material: Ensure joint flashing is being used behind butt joints on horizontal siding. *Not tar paper or house wrap
  • Utilities→Waste: Irrigation ground box used to hide sewer cleanout (P)
  • Utilities→Electricity: Out of sight location for the electric meter box