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The Ultimate Home Building Checklist (Update 8)

Line items added to most recent Checklist update (v8):

  • Bathroom(s)→Shower(s): Shower glass towel access (V)
  • Bathroom(s)→Tubs(s): Spray foam around tub for insulation
  • Bathrooms→Considerations: Use caulking (grout color) where wall tile meets the floor tile. This is the first area to crack if you use grout
  • Doors and Windows→Considerations: Ask for threshold protection for sliders and exterior doors (V)
  • Electrical Outlets→Kitchen: Adjustable depth electrical outlet box for backsplash (P)
  • Electrical Outlets→Other: Built-in night lights (P)
  • Electrical Wiring→Shutters: Electrical shutter wiring
  • Electrical Wiring→Outdoor Electrical: Driveway column lighting (V)
  • Electrical Wiring→In-Wall Conduit: Conduit from the attic to the basement
  • Electrical Wiring→ Gas and electric installed at the stove and/or Dryer. Some appliances use both or future appliance change
  • Exterior Walls→Considerations: Some homes are being built with foam for exterior sheathing. Confirm your builder is NOT using this material.
  • Fireplace→Considerations: The fireplace hearth height may affect TV viewing angle (V)
  • Flooring→Considerations: Split the door, not the jam. Change in flooring is under the door so you don’t see the transition from the other side.
  • Framing: Bottom plate sealing (aka Sill Plate sealing) (V)
  • Framing→Considerations: Cover trusses and lumber with plastic. Some builder will do this already. Trusses are notorious for sitting out for months.
  • Framing→Considerations: Window and/or door headers are the same height. The top of windows and/or doors should make a straight line across
  • Garage: Garage door height of 7’ (fits most large trucks). Measure your vehicle to be sure.
  • HVAC (Air Conditioning): Exterior HVAC pipe covers (P)
  • Insulation/Drywall→Considerations: No trash left behind before insulation/drywall (V) (Under stairs, under bathtub, in the stud bays)
  • Kitchen→Backsplash: Use caulking (grout color) at backsplash and countertop seam. This is the first area to crack if you use grout
  • Kitchen Cabinets→Cabinets: Deep drawer under wall ovens for pan storage
  • Kitchen Cabinets→Organization: Angled utensil drawer (P)
  • Miscellaneous→Pets: Pet bowl wall niche with drain (V)
  • Miscellaneous→Pets: Exterior automatic water bowl (P)
  • Plumbing Fixtures: Pot filler (16-22” above stove, measure your tallest pot). Note: Added the measurements, “Pot filler” was already on the list
  • Plumbing→Water Heater: Multiple tanks connected: Series / Parallel Note: This depends on your application, here’s an article that goes into more detail (A)
  • Porch: Extend porch pad for grill to be rolled out in the open (V)
  • Poured Concrete→Concrete Pad/Walkways: Boat Storage parking (guidelines, sprinklers, and drain) (V)
  • Roofing→ Radiant barrier OSB for roof sheathing (P)
  • Roofing→Considerations: If radiant barrier OSB is used for roof sheathing, spray foam should not be applied directly to the radiant barrier. (V)

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