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5 things I wish I knew before having my house built

5 things I wish I knew before having my house built

What you should know

New home construction is an exciting time! Keep an open mind and remember although an estimated time has been given for tasks to be completed; schedules can get backed up and weather causes delays. As a new homeowner, you can always ask your builder to keep you updated about the timelines, I’d shoot for once a week updates. Additionally, plan for new furniture, chances are the old won’t flow with the new and who wants crusty old furniture in their brand new house (j/k, you do what you can). Don’t forget to remove any questionable trees around the house before construction starts, it’s so much cheaper now than later. And finally, going over budget is part of the process, keep this in mind in the early stages because if you start going over budget in the beginning, you can imagine what the end will look like..




  • There will be problems! Expect them.

  • Delays are unavoidable

  • Plan for new furniture

  • Remove trees 50 ft. from your lot

  • You will go over budget!

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