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In wall Pest Control.. Is this for real? 🐜

Framing Maintenance 2 mins read
In wall Pest Control.. Is this for real? 🐜

What you should know:

In wall pest control can be installed on your house so chemicals can be released into the stud bays, behind the wall so the liquid chemicals are out of reach of children and pets. The pest control guy can treat the house without ever coming inside the home.


Here’s what the comments said about the video:

Some love the idea and have it installed on their house and have nothing but good things to say.

The other comments argue the chemical is still being released into the air and is bad for the family. I would say more negative than positive, but I understand the ones talking negatively most likely don’t have the system. One comment said the price was high to administer the treatment and didn’t make it worthwhile.


Here's the results from a Poll I took on Instagram that asked "What are your thoughts on In-wall Pest Control?"

In-wall pest control Poll - Builder Brigade

Full Post:

In wall pest control can be installed when your house is being built or your renovation has you down to the bare studs. 

They install these lines inside the stud bays that disperse the chemicals into the designated areas. This eliminates you from having to spray chemicals within reach of kids and pets.

They choose which stud bays get treated with chemicals to ensure adequate coverage of the house. The Blue lines carry the pest control chemical, and the green lines are used to disperse the treatment.

The in-wall pest control doesn’t kill termites, but it does handle the most common pests none of us want in the house. How often it’s applied will be determined by the pest control company but once a quarter is typical.

One of the websites selling the system says it will work with different types of insulation, but they suggest calling to discuss your specific situation.

I hope this gave you a little more detail into what In-Wall pest control can do for you, if you’re still interested, I’d highly suggest reaching out to a local company to get some pricing.

My Opinion:

I think it depends on the local company administering the chemical. I would call around and ask for pricing and the type of chemical being used. Do a quick google search to confirm it’s safe inside the home and make my decision from there. I would also take extra precaution to have the installation inspected just prior to sheetrock to ensure no damage before closing it off for good.

What I do:

I currently spray the exterior of my house with a chemical I buy on Amazon. They just changed the name from BIFEN to TALAK, you can get it here:

It would be awesome to just have a company inject some chemicals into my walls and be done with it. If you’re late to the party like me, here’s a video that explains how I currently DIY my pest control.


Dennis Comstock
Dennis Comstock
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