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Hammock Bathtub...🤯

Bathroom 2 mins read
Hammock Bathtub...🤯

What you should know:

Hammock bathtubs are a new option. There's a few different brands so when you try them out ensure the water level will be high enough for your liking. Ensure the sitting position works with the activities you like to do in the tub (reading, drinking, etc.). Decide if you want an actual floating hammock tub or one that sits on a base. 


Here’s what the comments said about the video:

They're not fans of the design only because it's not practical for daily use. Everyone thinks it looks cool 😎!

Full Post:

Ever been in a bathtub wishing you were in a hammock?

Wish no more!

I present to you, the Hammock Tub!

This particular tub is made by The Hammock Bath Company

I wanted to see what other hammock styles were out there and came across a video, not sure if they’re selling tubs or a subscription to Cinemax after midnight, either way I watched till the end... 😉

These tubs can be freestanding on a base or mounted to a frame that gives it that floating look. The frame mounted tubs are perfect when the tub shares the same area as the shower because the tub drain is floating too. It just drains the water onto the floor.

I’m sure you could get one with a drain pipe but then it’s not really floating.

I found a YouTube Review from a guy who was using one in a hotel room, he said the tubs aren’t practical because the only position is head back, practically looking at the ceiling. You’re unable to drink, read, or any other common bathtub activities you enjoy doing because of the way you’re forced to sit.

They also don’t fill high enough. Your feet and chest are sticking out of the warm water.

Now the tubs I saw at the International Builders’ Show (IBS), would probably be more suited for water levels that would provide full body coverage and practical for normal daily use. Like I mentioned earlier, that company is called The Hammock Bath Company (Australia).

My Opinion:

I love this style of bathtub and hope it becomes more popular in the near future. The complaints about water level and position are not a concern for me. 

Water level: I would find one that meets my needs in terms of water level. The review video was of a tub that was fairly shallow I know they make other tubs that have a deeper basin. 

Sitting position: I don't mind the position. It still appears to still be comfortable and that's what matters. We don't take many baths so in my mind, we spend more time looking at the tub then actually using it. The appearance is pretty important and these hammock tubs def have that going for them. 


Dennis Comstock
Dennis Comstock
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