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Pro and cons of pex pipe in the home

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Pro and cons of pex pipe in the home

What you should know

Will your house use PEX instead of PVC? PEX plumbing comes with a few pros! It is bendable, meaning less leaks and easier mobility. The flexibility allows for less elbows and connection points. Additionally, PEX is also freeze/corrosion resistant. This allows for it to have a longer lifespan. However, like all good things, PEX plumbing does come with a few cons. The PEX is not sunlight friendly. It cannot be recycled nor is chemical or pest resistant. Talk it over with your builder and see if PEX plumbing is the right choice for you and your new home.




  • PEX Plumbing

  • Flexible

  • Freeze/ Corrosion resistant

  • Can’t be recycled

  • Not chemical or pest resistant

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