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Spray foam insulation in the attic

Insulation Tips 2 mins read
Spray foam insulation in the attic

What you should know

Spray foam insulation is great in attics because it drastically reduces the temperature in the attic, where in the south the HVAC system is located. Controlling the temperatures with spray foam will extend the life of these HVAC handlers and also giving you a great place for storage without the insane temperatures most experience in the attic (at least in the southern states).

The Spray foam is also great at filling gaps and crevices, creating a seamless and continuous layer of insulation. This is especially important in attics, where there may be a lot of gaps and spaces between the rafters and other building materials.

The downside to spray foam insulation is the inability to detect leaks in the roof. The spray foam will hide the leak and you won’t realize a leak exists until the area of damage becomes quite large and you notice it when you’re on the roof and start to feel soft spots.



  • Drastically Reduces the temp in the attic

  • Extend life of components in Attic (HVAC)

  • Continuous layer of insulation

  • Fills gaps and crevices

  • Hard to detect leaks in the roof

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