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7 must-have garage features

Tips 2 mins read
7 must-have garage features

What you should know

Want the Ultimate dream garage? Here’s a few features to include: floor drains, side mount garage door opener, a car charging outlet, extra lighting, high outlet fan, epoxy floors, and a sink. The floor drains help to keep liquids from accumulating on your garage floor from a rainy drive home or melting snow. A car charging station or wiring will save you the trouble of paying double when the need eventually arises for you to have one installed. Adding the extra lighting and high outlet fans can improve the comfort of the garage on those hot summer days. Epoxy floors change your garage from looking like a dumpy old place to store junk into a place that’s worth showing off. They floors are highly resistant to chemicals and come with a non-slip coating.




  • Floor dr

  • High outlet fans

  • A sink

  • Side garage door mount

  • Car charger / wiring

  • Extra lighting

  • Epoxy floors

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