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Consider these 3 things when choosing a bathtub

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Consider these 3 things when choosing a bathtub

What you should know

Deciding which tub you prefer is kind of tricky. They come in different shapes and sizes. Some factors to consider when purchasing your relaxation station is where to mount the faucet, the best location for an access panel (for plumbing) in case of future maintenance issues, and should the tub be shareable?

A double tub has a few options! You can choose to be face-to-face with your partner or side-by-side? Keep in mind, if the tub is made for two people, then a single person may slide down when taking a bath by themselves.




  • Deciding where to mount the faucet

  • Plumbing access panel location

  • Double Tub: Facing Each Other or Side by Side

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