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Hack: Keep electronic wires hidden

Tips 2 mins read
Hack: Keep electronic wires hidden

Bullet proof way

Wires. Wires. Wires! No one likes the look. Here’s a bulletproof way to run wires from the TV to other electronics when you’re having your house built.

It’s called conduit, ENT, or smurf tubing (because it’s blue sometimes). You can have this installed between the stud bays to ensure you can run wiring in the future with ease.

I prefer to use them:

  • From the TV to the associated devices

  • Hard to reach security cameras

  • From the router to the attic. I call this the mini network room although it would make some IT guys cringe, most homeowners don’t have a network. (Make this one big to fit a bunch of wires).




  • Run Smurf tubing to hard to reach areas

  • Use it for areas that might need to have future wiring added or replaced

  • Running wires from TV to other electronics

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